Following Australia’s victory in game one yesterday, a Victorian AFL fan is still unsure about watching the International Rules series.


Zac Lewers, 43, believes that the jury is “still out” on the re-vamped International Rules series between Australia and Ireland. “I just don’t really know, mate,” Lewers said. “It has AFL footballers, which I like. However, it also uses a round ball, which I hate. The Bendigo resident continued, stating “It turned to shit after Ireland cracked the shits about the fighting.”

“These days they wear t-shirts like soccer players. I don’t understand the rules. You can punch a goal but not an opponent. It’s fucked. “The guys used just to hit people. It’s not like they’re animals. Why can’t our professional athletes go into a foreign country and beat the shit out of locals? It is an Australian tradition. “Now we’re left with a game where players have to use skills and tactics to score, and if I wanted that, I’d watch Soccer.”