The AFLW players today received a well overdue ‘pay raise’, pleasing whatever fans decided not to look into it any further.

AFL chief, Gillon McLachlan, spoke of the ground-breaking pay rise in the woman’s game. “It is a testament to how successful the AFLW competition has been,” McLachlan said. “It is also a testament to the fact that most fans will look no further into this. The AFL look good, and at the end of the day, that is what it’s all about”.

The AFLW players are receiving $477,000 more money next season, a 20% pay rise. However, the players’ contact hours have gone from 11 hours a week, to 15 hours a week. The extra four hours a week is a 36% rise in contact hours at the club. So, AFLW players are making 20% pay for doing 36% more work.

McLachlan told Flack that “the way the media took to the AFLW pay rise story was gold today. “If all you did were read the Herald Sun and listen to the morning shows on radio, you’d think we were a modern day Robin Hood. “However, the AFL doesn’t make its money by giving people pay raises”.