A delusional American Soccer fan has confessed that he still has hopes of the former child prodigy, Freddy Adu making a comeback to the USMNT, even suggesting a player-coach role for the midfielder.

Harrison Creek, 34, has suggested some radical changes for the American Soccer team following their bed-shitting failure to make the 2018 World Cup. Creek told Flack Sports reporters about his hopes to include 28-year-old midfielder, Freddy Adu in future squads.

While it has been fifteen years since Freddy Adu burst onto the world Soccer scene, Creek spoke of Adu’s “undeniable talent”. Adu, who is currently without a club, was last rumoured to be trialling with Polish club, Sandecja Nowy Sącz. However, the move was shut down when the club’s coach likened Adu to an “old vacuum cleaner”.

Creek, however, was more optimistic about the American’s future. “Look, he may not have a club yet. However, he has had thirteen clubs before. You can’t tell me thirteen clubs can get it wrong about a player. Thirteen managers can’t all be idiots. Once he finds the right system, he will flourish”. Creek added that Adu was “still in his prime, and should be a key player in CONCACAF qualification for the 2022 World Cup”.

The American Soccer side failed for the 2018 World Cup


Despite being far too optimistic about Adu’s future, Creek was less enthusiastic about the USMNT: “Look, the USMNT is fucking trash at the minute. Our best player isn’t old enough to remember Britany Spears before she went batshit crazy”. “We lost to fucking Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago! I didn’t even know that was a county anymore. Trinidad and Tobago didn’t even have anything to play for; I think there were more people on the pitch than in the stands”.

Creek concluded by suggesting that Adu even step over sure-to-be fired coach, Bruce Arena. “Get rid of Arena. He isn’t the main problem, but he needs to go. Fuck it; you may as well get Freddy to coach the side too. He was hyped up and made to believe he’s great before he achieved anything. He IS American Soccer”.