After seeing Italy fail to make next year’s World Cup, many Italian-Australians are in the unique spot of cheering on the Socceroos without a second team.


Werribee man, Tomas Cattaneo is uneasy about placing his World Cup hopes on the Socceroos after Italy failed to make the tournament. “I just can’t believe it,” Cattaneo said. “I am so used to pinning all my hopes on the Italian side when the Socceroos get eliminated. “Sure, it made 2006 a bit frosty, but it is usually a pretty sure-fire thing. I have never supported Australia without a plan-B before, so this is weird.”


When asked why he still supported Italy, seeing he has never been to the country, nor speaks the language, Cattaneo replied that “(it) is just the way we do it. “Australia never even used to make the World Cup, so I just supported Italy. Besides, I can understand the language; I just can’t speak it”.



“The Socceroos better bloody qualify,” Cattaneo said. “I just won’t watch it otherwise; there won’t be a point”.