Roger Jones, 41, an avid yachting fan is reportedly ‘jumping out of his skin’, waiting for the annual Sydney to Hobart yacht race to start today.


Jones, a resident of inland Western Australia, has described Boxing Day as the ‘mecca’ for yachting events. “mate, this is the one day of the year I can actually follow the thing,” Jones said. “Nothing says Boxing Day to me like a lineup of supermaxis looking to take line-honours.


Whilst the yacht race is usually overshadowed by the traditional cricket match at the MCG, and Jones is one of a passionate minority who favours the yearly yacht race as his Boxing Day routine. “Obviously being from inland Western Australia, it is hard for me to follow or participate in any water sport avidly,” Jones told Flack. “However, come to Boxing Day, I put on my Comanche hat and a polo shirt, and I am happy”.


While outback Western Australia is the last place you would expect to find a yachting fan, Jones admitted that it wasn’t always that way. “When I was younger, I used to watch the test match,” Jones said. “However, I was always a little disheartened. “Sometimes five days isn’t long enough for a sporting event. The full seven days of the yachting is the way to go, and it got me interested in the race. “Sure, there isn’t a lot of support for the race around here.  “I think the Sydney to Hobart is about to get massive in Western Australia”.


Jones wife, Helen, however, is less enthusiastic about the race. “To be honest, I thought Wild Oats was some new superfood. “At least it shuts him up for seven days”.