NBA player, Bobby Portis has had his say about Steph Curry’s ejection from the Golden State Warriors match against Memphis.


Suspended Chicago Bull, Bobby Portis has hit out at Golden State Warrior’s Steph Curry after the incident. The match-referee ejected Steph Curry last match after Curry threw a mouth-guard.


Portis told a collection of media, “man, it was pretty sickening to watch.” “I can’t believe that anybody would do that to a referee. “We are professional athletes and role-models to the next generation of basketballers. To think that he would throw his mouthguard in the referees’, or anybody’s direction is terrible. “Imagine if that mouth-guard hit somebody? Anything could have happened”.


Portis expressed his disappointment at the attitude of most NBA players in general. “It was disgraceful. “I had to watch the replay to make sure I didn’t imagine it. Not even that motherf***er Mirotic would do that”. Portis is currently facing suspensions from an altercation with a teammate, Nikola Mirotic.

It is unknown what repercussions Curry will face.