Today Chris Judd was appointed to the Carlton board as the Club hopes to secure sons Oscar, Tom, and Darcy for future drafts.


The Carlton Football Club today announced that former captain, Chris Judd will assume the football and list management portfolio on the club’s board. Judd is now officially in the position after being nominated to fill the vacancy earlier in the year.


The Carlton board believe that securing Judd will help land the former star’s three sons in the future. The three Judd boys, Oscar, Tom, and Darcy, will have the choice of West Coast and Carlton when choosing a club to nominate in the future for the Father/Son rule; Judd Sr spent six seasons with West Coast before famously joining Carlton in 2007.


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A rich tradition

Carlton President, Mark LoGiudice, spoke to media in regards to the six-time All-Australian’s appointment. “Obviously Chris was a quality player and will add great insight to the board. “By securing Chris now, we can move on to trying to secure the three boys”. LoGiudice added, “The Carlton Football Club has two vibrant traditions: Father/Son players, and pinning all of our hopes on the Judd name. It would be a dream come true to combine the two, and we just have to give ourselves the best chance at securing the nominations of Oscar, Tom, and Darcy”. Oscar, the eldest of the three started primary school this year and will be in line for Drafting in 2029.


Current list manager, and Carlton legend, Stephen Silvagni, is part of a famous Carlton bloodline. Serg Silvagni, Stephen’s father also played for the club, and Stephen’s son, Jack, currently plays for the Blues. Stephen Silvagni spoke to media today while leaving AFL house. “Yeah, with Jack (Silvagni) playing good footy at the moment, we are looking to bring in more Father/Son players. “While they aren’t currently at GWS; which is against our recruiting policy, we can make exceptions when needed”.


With Oscar due in 2029, and the twins in 2035, they should join Carlton at the right time in their current rebuilding phase”.