The traditionally ‘blue collared’ Detroit has been slowly changing into a refuge for up-and-coming artists (which is a politically correct term for hipsters). A newly announced Detroit MLS bid has confirmed the city’s status as a welcoming home for hipsters…. I mean, artists.

Veteran sports owners Dan Gilbert, Tom Gores, and the Ford Family have backed the Detroit MLS bid. The Ford family have offered Ford Field, the home of the ever-disappointing local NFL side.


Rendering of Ford Field soccer field.


Detroit Pistons vice chairman Arn Tellem is coordinating the ownership group’s contact with MLS officials. “Detroit is becoming a city for artists,” Tellem said. “A city for artists and the beautiful game. It is a match made in heaven. “We feel that our residents will gravitate towards a football side. “We already have strong interest from the city of Detroit, and with bid’s experience in sports ownership, we should be able to make it work.” Tellem suggested that the dominance of teams from the Pacific North West went to show the MLS’s appeal to the “artist crowd.”


Furthermore, in a Flack exclusive, Tellem even presented the initial logo for the Detroit MLS bid. “We believe that the initial logo will appeal to the young Detroit community.”


Detroit MLS logo
The first look at the logo for the Detroit MLS bid


A local ‘artist’ who only goes by the name Asher spoke to Flack Sports about the prospect of an MLS side. “Yeah, I love Futbol. Personally, I stream NASL games, the Norweigan Eliteserien, or the English Championship. “An MLS side gives us something to invest our copious amounts time and fleeting passion into.”


Suggested team names for the Detroit MLS bid include.

  • Detroit Futbol Haus
  • Detroit Football Emporium
  • Michigan Social Club
  • Corktown & Football
  • Football & Club