Last night the Fremantle Football Club will now award life memberships to anybody who won a premiership with the club on the AFL99.


Fremantle president, Dale Alcock, spoke about the ground-breaking vote. “We feel that welcoming past premiership heroes into the club for life was a no-brainer,” Alcock said. “The club has been able to find all the gamers who were able to bring a premiership to the PlayStation version of the Fremantle Football Club.


The Fremantle Football Club boasted a star-studded forward line in AFL99, with Tony Modra and Clive Waterhouse. “The club was a powerhouse for a lot of players in the video-game world at the turn of the century,” said an avid retro-gamer. “The players could only really run in a straight line, or not at all. However, when the club had Heath Black and Shaun McManus, it’s bloody accurate.


The club’s change of constitution was with a lot of discussions. Past club champions have met the news with disgust. “I can’t believe they are just letting premiership PlayStation players into the club’s history books,” Said Steve Bishop, an avid player of AFL Evolution. “I played over a thousand matches for the Fremantle Football Club on the PC, and I didn’t get a thing. “What about all these guys who are busting their gut for the Fremantle Football Club on their couches? They’re ignored because they didn’t win a premiership?”


Fremantle Football Club refuses to discuss the criticism.