Jeffery Mack, 33, won Melbourne’s annual race to Richmond Station at the conclusion of day one of the boxing day test.


The highly prestigious event was hotly contested this evening, with over ninety-thousand entrants. Mack, a Western Melbourne resident, credits his success on the preparation done before the final ball. “It is all about work done before the match starts,” Mack said. “There was obviously a lot of jostling for the best position once we knew Anderson would bowl the final over. “He didn’t look like buying a wicket, so I had to find the best lane to start my run”.


The annual run is the third most prestigious sporting event each Boxing Day, behind the cricket, and wrestling for Boxing Day sales in Myers. Mack told reporters that race was hotly contested. “I thought one of the Poms had me beat. “Although he turned off and went into the Royal, so that was a relief”.


Mack’s time of 3:17.23 is one of the fastest on record. The time is especially¬†impressive seeing he was in thongs and had a KFC bucket on his head. When asked if he would look to defend his title next year, Mack told media that he hopes to be the first to break the ‘three-minute wall’.


When asked if it was a perfect Boxing Day, Mack replied that “the only thing that would have made it better would be if¬†Stuart Broad bowled that no ball to Warner”.