Radio host, Garry Lyon caused a stir discussing NBA player, Steph Curry. Lyon was also critical of Katelyn Mallyon’s ride of Sir Isaac Newton in Saturday’s Caulfield Cup, asking if a male jockey would have had better control.


On SEN Breakfast this morning, radio host and overly tall man, Garry Lyon attempted to cause a stir when discussing Katelyn Mollyon’s ride on Sir Isaac Newton at Saturday’s Caulfield Cup. The horse went out to a significant, early lead before getting ran down mid-race. Mollyon said the horse “wouldn’t settle” and “over-raced”.


However, the breakfast radio host, who gave himself a the okay by preemptively stating his question with an ‘I don’t want to be labelled as sexist but….’, asked if it a male jokey would have ridden the horse better. To which he then backed up his claim of not being sexist, by stating, “I don’t know the answer, so I’m not being sexist”. Listeners were then prompted to call in and discuss their views of the weekend’s big race.


“Would a male jockey have been able to control that horse?” – Garry Lyon: SEN Breakfast

However, it was the host’s earlier reaction to an incident in the NBA which took most of the day’s headlines, and the phone calls. Lyon had earlier stated that Steph Curry needs a twelve-week suspension after throwing a mouth guard during a match. To be fair, I do believe he meant twelve games, not weeks. Regardless, to put it in context, I can only find one suspension of twelve games (it was just eleven matches, but close enough). In 1997, Dennis Rodman kicked a cameraman in the groin. Rodman kicked him so hard that he had to be carried off on a stretcher.

However, the worst part of this story is the fact that Lyon discussing a sport he knows nothing about in the NBA, was more noted than discussing something else he knew nothing about in female jockeys. Luckily, Flack readers are more intelligent than that. No way that was going straight through to the ‘keeper.


The fans have their say:

“Let’s be honest here, who has heard the words ‘I don’t want to be labelled as sexist but…’, without it being followed by something that isn’t incredibly sexist?”

“A woman can not control a 600kg racehorse; instead, a 56kg man can do the trick”.

“Lyon knows as much about NBA and horse racing as he knows as I do about radio-presenting. Which, now I think about it, may be as much as he knows about radio presenting”.

“Maybe a male jockey would have controlled the horse? Maybe the SEN Breakfast show would be more listenable if Lyon had any idea what he was talking about?


Editor’s note: The saddest part of this article is only the fan-quotes were made up.