Australian sports media has come out swinging at the Nick Kyrgios camp and betting company, Sportsbet this week.


Sportsbet sponsored t-shirts were infamously worn by Nick Kyrgios’ brother, Christos, in Nick’s first two rounds of the Australian Open. The shirts, with slogans such as ‘Nick Nick BOOM’, a tribute to that Chk Chk Boom girl you’d forgotten about, have caused a stir through the Australian sports media.


A prominent Victorian newspaper contributor has told Flack of the media’s disgust. “I just don’t think it’s right,” the writer said. “It’s not a good look. “Every time you look at the screen, the cameras show Christos wearing it”. “Sure, the newspaper I work for promotes betting. All the time, but when we do it, it is completely different”. “Besides, what am I supposed to do? Not make a living from betting advertising? That is just ridiculous”


“There is nothing wrong with wearing a shirt sponsored by a more ethical company, such as Nike, like every other tennis family member. It is believed that these sentiments are common throughout the media, who blame the Sportsbet shirts on Nick Kyrgios’ obvious “bad attitude” and “brat” persona.

“Nick Kyrgios is a typical tennis brat”, the newspaper reporter said. “That’s the truth, and it sells a shit-heap of papers. “Why talk about Nick’s charity work or the fact he is amazing with his fans when we can criticise him for everything?” “Did you see the way he lashed out at that stranger who came into his workplace and heckled him in front of thousands of people? “Politely focussing on his game like that… Pathetic.”