The NBA MVP Masters is a new take on an old concept. Agree with it or not, the MVP race has become one of the highlights of the NBA season. Last season’s battle between Russell Westbrook and James Harden was a classic, and better than any team story throughout the season.


I guess that is the world we live in now, and Jeff Van Gundy agrees, stating on SiriusXM:
“The Warriors are going to win forever if everything stays the same,” further adding that “2018 is a wrap.” The ridiculous thing about a statement like that in September is that nobody disagrees with him. The fact we have a Blue, White and Gold overlord on the west coast, the public have turned to the MVP race as a key storyline.

This season there is looking to be even more intrigue into the NBA MVP race, with almost all key players’ being apart of roster changes. With the world’s eyes on the NBA MVP, we are introducing a new concept. The MVP Masters tournament will be a different way, almost an experiment, in figuring out who this seasons’ MVP will be.



NBA MVP Masters: A new concept

The concept is quite a simple one, made even more simple with the NBA now naming the weeks of the season. There are 26 weeks of NBA action throughout the regular season, and for this experiment, each week is a new hole. MVP candidates receive a golfing score


What is par?

To have a set standard of expectation in what is ultimately an entirely anecdotal exercise, I have collated the averages for some of the counting statistics for MVP seasons of the past twenty years as per Basketball-Reference. The reasoning as for only using the last 20 seasons is that the game of basketball is constantly evolving. Twenty seasons is large enough for the averages to be worthwhile, while still excluding irrelevant data. These average statistics give me something to base an NBA MVP candidates’ week off.


NBA MVP Masters
Steph Curry is arguably the best golfing NBA player, but he will need to deliver on the court to win the NBA Masters


Average statistics for the past twenty MVP seasons

Min Pts Rbd Asst St Bk FG% 3P% FT% WS/48
37.6 26.4 7.88 6.34 1.4 1 0.495 0.312 0.812 0.26



What else helps create a score?

Along with the previously mentioned statistics, a player’s score for the week will depend on how the player and team performs. If a player wins both games of a back-to-back and dominates in the clutch, it will positively impact on their week’s score, even if their counting stats are below their average. Alternately, if you score well and have great counting stats but shit the bed in the fourth quarter and lose to Chicago, you probably won’t get a birdie for the week.

LeBron James NBA MVP
LeBron James will be a front-runner for the NBA MVP

How many MVP candidates?

Similar to a golfing tournament. There will be a wide field to start off with, and cuts will are throughout. The pool will begin with the twenty highest-rated MVP candidates as per betting agencies. However, there is an early bolter who comes from outside; we consider them.

Closer to the beginning of the regular season, the twenty candidates will be announced, until then, select who you think will have a better NBA regular season.