A Cairns Taipans fan was last night shocked to discover that there is an NBL fantasy league this season.

Anthony Shields, a 37-year-old Cairns resident was browsing the internet yesterday at work when making the startling discovery. “I could not believe it,” Shields told Flack. “There is a whole NBL fantasy league. “Did anybody else know about this?”

The Ladbrokes NBL Fantasy league has been a quiet achiever this season in the NBL, with commentators only mentioning it on average, forty-seven times a telecast. “I was in shock. It is awe-inspiring. You can select your favourite players and make trades and stuff. Way better than the other basketball fantasies that I have been having. It is a team of dream-players. More sports should do things like this”.

Shields closed bu suggesting that “the NBL needs to advertise it more”.

The NBL has declined to comment on the issue.