North Melbourne are set to announce that Queens of the Stone Age frontman, Josh Homme will join the club as an international rookie.


North Melbourne coach, Brad Scott spoke to the media today about the recruitment of the American rock star. “Josh is a great prospect,” Scott said. “while he is a little on the older side for a rookie, Josh will be able to fit straight in”.


Homme, who showcased his impressive leg-power at a Los Angeles concert last night, is set to join the Kangaroos after Christmas. “We saw Josh’s leg power in the mobile video this morning, and we had to have him,” Brad Scott said. “To be able to kick someone in the face and hospitalise them excites us. “If we can harness that power off the half-back line, we may have a game-changing player at North Melbourne”.


“We haven’t had a player injure a woman and deny all responsibility since Carey, so the initial signs are good.”