Channel Seven has offered a lifeline to the Richmond player in the middle of the nude photo scandal. Nathan Broad will join the commentary panel completing colour-commentary during his three-week suspension.


On Monday, the Richmond football club named Nathan Broad as the man responsible for the nude photo scandal. A scandal that has shadowed the Tigers’ historic premiership win. The now infamous photo of a topless woman wearing Broad’s premiership medal went viral in the weeks following the Grand Final. As a result of his actions, Broad will miss the first three games of the 2018 AFL premiership season through a club suspension.


However, Channel Seven has today announced that Broad would take part in their Friday night Football coverage while completing his suspension. A network seven spokesperson has discussed the controversial appointment. “We feel that Nathan fits in with our ethos of finding colour commentators that are respectful and socially conscious. Especially to women”.


The appointment has been linked to that of Wayne Carey. Carey, a former champion, has had his fair share of trouble with… well, everything. Besides playing football. He was good at that. Network Seven has addressed the Carey link. “We acknowledge the link and believe that Wayne is a success story for the commentary team. Wayne is someone who Nathan can learn from. Carey is a perfect symbol of the fact that as long as you can play footy, you’ll have a job”.


The inside source also stated that “at Channel Seven we believe you cannot have enough experts discussing the match. “With only Brian Taylor, Wayne Carey, Cameron Ling, Matthew Richardson, Bruce McAvaney, Basil Zempilas and everybody else contributing, we just feel that we lacked faces on the panel. Nathan Broad is a great addition the team”.


“We don’t think it is insulting enough having only Wayne Carey commentating during national Woman’s round. “We are hoping to have Nathan back for that too. “If we can, we will also get Brazilian goalkeeper, Bruno Fernandes de Souza, maybe even O.J. Simpson”.