The weekly Fantasy NBL promo video will now be hosted by former Perth Wildcat, Shaun Redhage.


The NBL has made a drastic change to the weekly Fantasy NBL promotional roundup video. Shaun Redhage will replace fellow commentator, Corey “Homicide” Williams, effective immediately.

Redhage, who is surprisingly leading the entire country in NBL fantasy, spoke to reporters today about the landmark decision. “It was a bit of a shock to the system,” Redhage said. “I knew I was doing pretty well, but to get the nod is a big decision that has been made by the league. “Corey (Williams) and I both respect the league’s decision and look forward to the future of the Fantasy NBL”. Redhage then told reporters of his intention of buying a Wolf hoodie and aviators.


shawn redhage Fantasy NBL
Shawn Redhage will be the new face of the Fantasy NBL


Corey Williams began the season as the face of the Fantasy NBL. However, he has not had the success required at fantasy basketball. Williams spoke candidly on the subject. “I am a little bummed about it, yeah,” Williams said. “I am going to take it in my stride, but, Redhage will be on my list of top five ass-holes this week”.