A local fan has shown her disappointment after hearing that Socceroos’ coach, Ange Postecoglou will start Aaron Mooy off the bench in tonight’s crucial qualifier against Syria.

“I can’t believe they would start Aaron Mooy on the bench,” Sydney woman, Helen Anderson told reporters. “Ange has lost the plot”. Furthermore, the disgruntled fan added, “I swear I haven’t been this disillusioned in the Socceroos for a month” Anderson’s partner, Neil, added: “with all the disappointments Socceroos fans have faced, this ranks somewhere in the middle.”


The Andersons pointed at Australia losing to Japan away and only narrowly beating Thailand at home in September as recent disappointments that trump this afternoons news. “We had 75% possession, literally took 45 shots against Thailand and only scored two goals. That was way more shit”. Additionally, the Socceroos fan pointed out that “at least this way there is only forty-five minutes of chances to not score from”.


Public outrage

The Australian public showed their outrage this afternoon through social media and talkback radio. Granted, most fans haven’t seen the Socceroos play since the last world cup, nor could they name the starting lineup. One SEN caller showed his frustration, even though he regularly referred to Mooy as “that bald Italian bloke”. Assumedly he was getting Mooy confused with the retired midfielder, Mark Bresciano.

Despite the backlash, Postecoglou spoke of his confidence in advancing through to the World Cup. The coach stated that strategically the Socceroos are “on track”. Assumedly this means that Australian football fans have not had their annual dosage of suffering.