A comedian on a nightly Honduran variety show has caused a stir in local media after calling Australia the “low-key racist capital of the world.”


Appearing on Honduran version of the ‘tonight show’ a local comedian has caused a stir in referring to Australia as the ‘racist capital of the world.’ “I am not sure about going to Australia to play the Socceroos,” he said. “I just don’t know how comfortable our players can be.”

The joke has caused a stir in Australia, with local media taking offence to the Honduran’s comments. Honduran captain, Maynor Figueroa, tried to put an end to the discussions. “We are thrilled to be coming (to Australia),” Figueroa said. “Australia is a lovely country, and Sydney is a lovely city. “We know the field at ANZ Stadium is not always the best. “However, we won’t use it as an excuse.”


The Honduran sports media have not mirrored Figueroa’s comments, with a popular breakfast radio host slamming the Socceroos. “Why learn anything about the Socceroos? “I can learn their tactics, players and their story, but that takes time. “I can make cheap jokes about Australia’s social problems instead; it saves me so much hassle.”