Victorian football media and club officials are encouraging an AFL inquiry into the Hugh McCluggage contract, expecting the young Victorian to be a victim of Stockholm Syndrome.


A reporter, who refused to be named, spoke of the surprise signing. “I find it hard to believe,” the media member said. “Why on earth would a Victorian choose to play in Brisbane?” “Playing for a Victorian club is an honour”.

Yesterday’s contract extension caught many off-guard. McCluggage is the third pick in the 2016 draft. However, many Victorians have questioned the youngsters’ motives after the surprise signing.


“First they take Hodgey, and now this”. “I miss the good old days where players like Sam Docherty and Elliot Yeo would develop and then leave. “Now the Lions have locked away Eric Hipwood, Jarrod Berry, Harris Andrews and Ben Keays. “It isn’t fair. “How can big clubs improve if they can’t poach the best young players from struggling clubs?


A prominent Victorian club president who wished to go under the pseudonym, Shmeddie ShmuGuire, told Flack that he believes something suss is going on in Brisbane. “I just don’t believe that an interstate team can draft a Victorian, then think they have first preference to re-sign them. “Something is going astray in Queensland, and we need to know what it is. “Obviously Hugh has fallen in love with his kidnappers like Patty Hearst, or Matthew Pavlich did”.


“I hope Tom Lynch doesn’t get any silly ideas”.