Minnesota Timberwolves’ coach, Tom Thibodeau will miss the season opener against the San Antonio. The firey defensive-minded coach’s head literally exploded off his shoulders re-watching the Wolves concede 142 points against the Warriors.


Wolves GM, Scott Layden, spoke to the media concerning Thibodeau’s injury. “Tom Thibodeau will miss the opener match against the Spurs”. Layden commented that “the injury happened in the film-room at 3:25 AM a few days ago.” Tom Thibodeau sustained the injury watching film of the Wolves’ pre-season match against the Warriors, in which they conceded 142 points. It is believed that the Timberwolves kept the situation quiet, as Thibodeau was still expecting to be on the sidelines tonight.

“Tom was looking forward to coaching tonight, however, we had to tell him that enough was enough”.

Layden joked that Thibodeau, who is a known workhorse, didn’t take it well. “Look, Tom made some excellent points about why he should coach. “He can be very intimidating, even as an exploded head”. The General Manager later confirmed that assistant coach, Andy Greer will take sideline duties in place of the injured Thibodeau. “Andy will take control tonight, and will be in charge on gameday until Tom is back in action again”.




Star recruit, and Thibodeau mainstay, Jimmy Butler was the last to see Thibodeau before the injury. “I left the gym at about 2 AM and coach was still there. He said he was about to re-watch the Warriors match again and study the defensive lapses”. Butler also commented that Thibodeau already looked quite distressed. “Yeah, he looked angry even for him. “He kept mumbling Steph Curry’s name under his breath. “I didn’t pay too much attention he can be a meticulous planner anyway”.


Meanwhile, big man, Karl-Anthony Towns made mention of the situation on social media, stating that Tom Thibodeau looked far too calm in the locker room after the match.

Tom Thibodeau explode


Thibodeau will be coaching the Timberwolves by the end of next week, recovered or not.