The inaugural twilight test match has been labelled a great initiative by England’s Barmy Army. Many of which are all nursing third-degree sunburn from not wearing shirts the past two weeks.


Barmy Army spokesman, Finley Preston, has applauded Cricket Australia’s initiative in introducing a day/night Ashes test. “It is a perfect idea,” Preston said. “To have a session at nighttime gives another aspect to the match. “There is also not a great deal to do in Adelaide at night, so there is no opportunity cost at all”.


Preston, who admittedly¬†“had not worn a shirt since day two at the GABBA,” spoke of the English fans’ delight in Adelaide’s conditions. “To be honest, we are all rocking some incredible sunburns after Brisbane. “Part of the reason I am not wearing a shirt is that it hurts to wear one.”¬†“It gets hot here, hey? “It has rained most of the test, and it is still hot.”
It is believed that the supermarkets surrounding motels housing Barmy Army members have depleted¬†Adelaide’s Aloe Vera supplies in the first test’s aftermath. “The army has a few casualties. “I thought those guys were dressing as Richie Benaud are doing it as a joke, but gee they get a lot of sun coverage.” Preston concluded by stating that being able to “recharge the batteries” in the night sessions will mean that they have time to prepare for the upcoming third test. “We will dress in something a little more weather appropriate. “Maybe in a traditional English rash-vest”.